Taylor Dayne Tells It From The Heart

You probably remember Taylor Dayne from her smash 80’s hits Tell it To My Heart, I’ll Always Love You, Love Will Lead You Back and many others. I, of course remember Taylor because I was a music loving, Sun-In and permed haired, teen of the very generation that rocked out to her number ones. But what you might not know is this multitalented entertainer has been quite busy since then, performing live concert performances all over the world, acting (Taylor performed on Broadway in Elton John’s Aida in 2001, and has had numerous roles in independent films and TV shows), and most importantly taking time off for her family.

Taylor Dayne’s newest CD, her fifth studio album, drops February 5th ‘08 and she’s released her first single from it, Beautiful. Taylor says the title of her album; Satisfaction is a bit tongue and cheek. “There’s a journey there. There are moments of satisfaction. It’s very difficult to stay at one place all the time emotionally. It’s the women who dust themselves off and try again. Those are the women I admire.”

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