This Tattooed Mall Santa Was Told To Tone Down His Act, And People Got Upset

The town just wants him back.

It’s that time of the year where we’re all scrambling to get the last minute things off our list. It can be stressful to try and fit it all in, but Christmas comes but once a year. And it’s magical for kids. We have traditions that we have to make sure keep going strong and one of those is taking our kids to the mall to go see Santa. Many of us have come across a favorite Santa and will go back year after year to be able to get a new photo with them. And for many parents, this tattooed mall Santa is their go-to. But it won’t be the same this year.

If you were to picture what Santa looks like, there’s a very good chance we all have the same kind of idea. He probably is a little overweight, has a bright white, long beard. Can’t forget that fuzzy red suit that he wears that seriously no one else would ever. And he’s happy. And rosy, wears glasses — typical Santa stuff.

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Well, one mall Santa doesn’t exactly look that way. He’s a little unique in that he’s got many of those typical Santa-look qualities, but a little extra: he’s got tattoos.

The tattooed mall Santa was recently asked to tone down his look, and residents aren’t exactly thrilled.

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