Tattoo’ed 10 year old, Mom says ok

This story isn’t so black and white in my opinion. If there wasn’t the loss of his brother I would adamantly be against this. However, in a family that perhaps doesn’t view tattoos as  ugly or “bad” and the death of his brother has had a profound impact, I might say yes too. Well, maybe I wouldn’t just yet. I probably would find another way for my child to remember his brother and then let him know when he reaches 18 and still wants to get a tattoo, he has my approval. Maybe by then he would realize that his memory of his brother is stronger in his heart then on his arm. BUT, I don’t condemn this mother or boy for what they did.

I also wonder why this is against the law with parental consent and piercing isn’t!!  So my child can walk into any piercing facility and get one of those ugly ear disks that will misshape his ear for the rest of his or her life but with a parents consent, my child could,’t get a tattoo on his or body that could be covered or later in life, removed.

What do you think? Over the top or understandable?


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