Target Is Selling Unicorn Ice Cream That Has Actual Glitter In It

Because we DO deserve good things!

    Some things in this world just shine brighter than others and when you’re a busy mom, finding the things that help you shine and stay happy are important. For some that means treating yourself to some lipstick. Others that means eating the good snacks when your kids are in bed. And others are like — well, it must have unicorn and glitter. Or, if you’re lucky, you get all that in one with a unicorn ice cream.

    And Target is delivering because it has been spotted in their stores, the ice cream that might better all other ice creams. It has everything a mom needs to have that sparkle in her step and people are really loving it already.

    Target has always been really good to us. It takes care of us when we need somewhere to escape to. It’s the holy grail for moms who need that time away. It’s the one store that has everything that we need. If we have to get out and grab diapers and wipes, they have it. The store has clothes for us and our husbands, socks for the teen that keeps putting holes in his.

    And now it’s selling what might arguably be the cutest and best ice cream ever: Unicorn Ice Cream.

    unicorn ice cream
    Credit: Giphy

Devan McGuinness

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