Target Labels Breastfeeding Supplies As “Natural Feeding,” And Some Moms Are Mad

Some Mothers Aren't Having It

    Target has just contributed to the breast vs bottle debate, whether they meant to or not. Any mother knows people have a lot to say about breastfeeding vs bottle feeding. Over the years many have finally agreed that ‘fed is best’ no matter how you do it.

    Women who can’t, or choose not to breastfeed have been made to feel like bad mothers in the past for not breastfeeding. They have been made to feel guilty for using formula to supplement. Women who need to go back to work at 6 weeks postpartum have been shamed for not exclusively breastfeeding.

    Mothers are held to a ridiculously unattainable standard by society. They’re expected to exclusively breastfeed no matter what. We expect them to lose the baby weight in half the time it took to gain it. New mothers are expected to ‘snap back’ within weeks of having a baby with little to no regard for their physical or mental health.

    Over the years we have seen a shift in how we treat new mothers. We respect their choices more and focus on their mental and physical well being. Many mothers seem to be in agreement that formula feeding is just as natural for some women as breastfeeding, but not everyone agrees.

    Target recently labelled their breastfeeding supplies aisle as “natural feeding” and some moms aren’t all that thrilled about it.


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