Target Announced a Change to Its Cartwheel Program and Everyone Is Freaking Out

I don’t know what it is about Target that makes me feel like I’m at home (an expensive home) each and every time I’m there. Is it the bright lights? All the wonderful goodies in the aisles? The in-store Starbucks? The dollar section? The clearance clothes? I’m sure it’s a combination of everything, plus the fact that the employees know my first name. That’s how often I’m there each week.

Target also makes me feel like I’m saving money (when in reality I know that I’m not). That’s why so many Hot Moms like you and me flock there on almost a daily basis. Yet, the store is making a huge change to its Cartwheel app program and to put it bluntly, everyone is freaking out about it. While we love new items, we don’t like change, ok? Here’s what you need to know.

Credit: Target

Here’s how Target is changing it’s Cartwheel program!

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