Girl Left Fighting For Her Life After Leaving A Tampon In For 9 Days

This is so scary

From the moment a girl starts using a tampon, there’s a little bit of fear about them, don’t you think? As young ladies we’re encouraged to use a tampon safely. The little pamphlet in the box warns all users about the risks of toxic shock syndrome associated with tampon use.

Even as a grown woman I’ve sometimes had moments where I can’t remember if I’ve left one in or not. That normally leads to a slight panic attack until I can reassure myself that I was mistaken.

Recently model Lauren Wasser made the news again after she revealed she will probably have to have her second leg amputated as a result of complications from Toxic Shock Syndrome.

In 2012 Wasser made headlines after she was diagnosed with TSS. The model developed an infection that led to gangrene. Her right leg was amputated below the knee. Now she says that her left leg will ‘inevitably’ need to be amputated in the coming months.

What happened to Lauren is not common, but she’s using her experience to warn others about the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Recently a student in the UK found herself fighting for her life after suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome. The young woman forgot and left a tampon in for 9 days leaving her fighting for her life.

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