Restaurant Bans Kids Completely and People’s Reactions Are Mixed

Before I had kids I used to enjoy evenings out at restaurants where there were no kids. It wasn’t that children weren’t allowed in restaurants it was just we knew where to go if we wanted to enjoy a child free dining experience. Even as a parent my husband and I have vacationed at resorts that are child free because we wanted to enjoy our time together without listening to other kids.

As parents we knew when our kids were younger there were certain restaurants we could frequent for a quieter meal and ones where we knew no one will bat an eye if our kids were louder. Let’s face it, no parent really wants to sit in a nice restaurant with a crying baby or whining toddler, so many simply prefer restaurants with an order counter vs menus when their kids are younger.

I’ll admit, I can’t remember the last time I was in a restaurant and my meal was ruined by loud kids. I hear lots of people complain about how people don’t control their kids anymore, but I’ve never seen it.

Still, one Florida restaurant seemingly had enough with parents who weren’t caring for their kids and decided to ban all children from dining in, and many are split on how they feel about it.

no kids allowed
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Would you still dine here?

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