Taking the Sweet out of childhood!

It’s close to Valentines day at my sons school and an e-mail goes out that instead of cookies and cupcakes, we are asked to bring carrots and celery and cheese and crackers………..WHAT? Are you all for real? You know why we all loved Valentines Day at school? The SWEET TREATS! And that is what they are, a treat. why is this nation becoming sooo obsessed with nutrition that we no longer are allowing our children the memories that we all had as children? Come on, when we were all kids we thought when we grew up, that we would buy our OWN candy store with our OWN money. Well guess what? we all grew out of that! But some of my fondest memories as a kid were ice cream cones in the summer, Birthday cake at parties, Sweets on Valentines day and even a trip to Mc Donald’s every now and then. I am not saying that this is all our children should eat, of course not. I actually still cook dinners for my children and husband on a regular basis and make sure they eat the nutrition that they need for healthy bodies, but guess what, if they do, I have NO problem with dessert. It’s all a balance, but we as a whole have gone too far with eliminating sugar from our childrens lives. By the way, I got permission to bring heart shaped cookies to my son’s school and the kids had a yummy day!

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