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It happens all the time. You work hard to plan a great vacation; you see memorable sights, have a terrific time and take plenty of pictures. But when you actually see the pictures, they’re a bit disappointing. Some are too light or too dark, others just don’t capture the moment quite as vividly as you remember it.

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Don’t despair. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take good travel pictures. These tips from the real pros can help you take pictures you can be proud of.

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Keep It Simple. Trying to cram too much visual information into the picture is like trying to cram too much stuff into a suitcase – you end up with a confusing mess. Instead, photographers for Fodor’s say to keep it simple. They say that a good photograph – travel or otherwise – should have a single subject or idea with as little clutter as possible.

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Balance. When taking pictures of friends or family members in your vacation spot, try to strike a balance between a picture of them and a picture of a place. National Geographic pros recommend showing enough of a person to be able to recognize him or her, but not to be so close-up that there’s no context and you can’t tell where they are.

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