Sweaters – How to Pick Your Perfect Fall Sweater



Sweaters – How to Pick Your Perfect Fall Sweater.  The air is changing, the crispness of Fall is sneaking in and all the stores are starting to break out their Fall stock. Schools are opening and did you know Starbucks is already selling their Pumpkin Spice latte?! Ready or not Fall is coming, are you ready? I know I am. This Fall sweaters are definitely “in” from striped preppy looks to chunky fisherman’s style to my fav– animal print. Here are some tips on picking the right ones for you.

1) Fabric Matters The fabric of the sweater can make or break it for you. Sweaters made of cotton blends or blended wool usually fit best from what I have seen. If you are looking for something a little more posh, cashmere is the way to go, but beware it is delicate to deal with. Also, leather is making a debut in a lot of sweaters this Fall so be on the lookout for the trend.

2) Check the Cut There are a few cuts this summer season that are staying put for Fall such as the hi/low and dolman. While the Dolman cut is pretty universally flattering and forgiving the hi/low isn’t as easy going. Peplum style and ruffles are still in and I have seen this in sweaters at places like Anthropologie.

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Clarissa Nassar

Clarissa Nassar is a bi-coastal mama, born and raised in Southern Cali and transplanted to the east coast, she knows the best of both worlds. She writes on her blog The Posh Parent and is a full-time psychology major. Clarissa has been in the blogosphere since 2007 and loves to share her view of life as a chic mom on the cheap.

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