Should You F*!#ng Swear in Front of Your Kids?

We all know it’s totally cute when toddlers drop an F bomb, but as they get into school it suddenly isn’t so funny. Every parent has a story about their child cursing at an inappropriate time or place, some that cause more anxiety than giggles.

But can we parents still swear? And is it ever a good idea to use colorful language in front of your children?

The MomBuster debated this topic in her live YouTube video and you don’t want to miss the creative way she used bad language to help her children handle bullies.

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Laura Nickerson

Laura Nickerson hosts, writes, produces, shoots and edits video content for America's Funniest Home Videos Kyoot Kids platform,, ModernMom, The MomBuster, the television show "The Buzz" for CTV, and hosts station breaks for KCET. ​ Her radio and television show "Broad Topics" ran for 5 years and she was a traffic reporter for Clear Channel stations KFI and KTLK, in which her reports always sounded like this: "Traffic in LA is bad, really bad. Try learning to skateboard, or fly. You'll get there faster on this...Sunday morning...". Of all of the things she has done, trying to get two kids to agree on what obnoxious YouTube gamer channel to watch has been the most difficult.

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