Surviving Parenthood With a Teenager

teenage boyRemember when they hit terrible twos’ and literally on cue, it began? I have news for you, it happens again when they turn into wonderful teenagers. Treading new waters is never easy as a parent and we all get through it one way or another but I thought I would give you younger parents a sneak peek into the daily reality of your futures. Every kid is different so hey, it may not be this bad, but hey, it could be worse ; )

Talking: Do NOT talk to him unless need be, even then he thinks there is no need. Forget asking questions, they are all just to prove how stupid you are!

How do I deal? I talk to or ask him about whatever the heck I want to; but I do try not to make “small talk” anymore, he likes his quiet solitude especially during car time or shall I say, MY quiet time while his head phones are on. However, if I need to ask him something or tell him something, I HAVE to touch him to get his attention and he hates that even worse 😉

Touching: Do NOT touch him under any circumstance! (unless bribery is involved).

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