Surprise, Surprise: This Kale Salad Is Actually Worse Than A Big Mac

Photo Credit Mc Donalds

Photo Credit Mcdonald’s

If there’s one thing that I’ll be consistently horrible about for the rest of my life, it’s sticking to a normal diet. While I have days where I’m very good at eating clean and staying away from anything artificial, I can easily do an entire line of oreos and eat a bag of chips while binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix. I know, it’s all about the balance but have you ever met a person who just ate ONE chip out of a bag? It’s a very un-American thing to do.

With that being said, I’m usually very conscious of what I order at restaurants too and that’s why I was pretty surprised to see that ordering a salad might not always be the healthiest alternative at my favorite fast food joints. In fact, it might be the worst, too.


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