Suri Cruise Plays Dress Up!

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Suri Cruise exited her gymnastics class in New York City in style.  Katie Holmes picked up Suri from Chelsea Piers where she was spotted wearing a one of a kind pink and black leotard.  Suri‘s post-gymnastics outfit combined the classic designer look that she often wears with the whimsey of a child.
Suri wore a beautiful navy eyelet dress by Kid by Philip Lim, a designer whom she has worn before, paired with silver Repetto ballet slippers ($179.62).  She accessorized her elegant look with a pink bowler hat and matching scarf.  Suri reminded onlookers that she is in fact, just five years old, as she carried the purse from the Disney Princess Ariel’s Fashion Purse Set ($16.99) and a Cabbage Patch Kids “Cutie” ($49.99) collectors doll.  Suri completed her look with a swipe of bright red lipstick, causing quite a stir in the media.
Suri Cruise joyfully combined her high end style with the imagination of a five year old.

To steal Suri’s look, check out these options (below)!

Suri has worn her Repetto silver ballet flats (on left) a few times this summer; she has carried the Ariel purse from the Disney Princess set (center) from Toys R Us; and she has loved her collectable Cabbage Patch Kid doll (on right) in a bumble bee costume, which can be purchased on Amazon.


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