How to Support a Friend With Cancer

How to Support a Friend With Cancer

By Michele Meyer

How to support a friend with cancer. Instead of asking your friend, “What can I do to help?” suggest things you can do and follow through. For instance, you could volunteer to drive your friend to her medical appointments, take notes during the visits or research breast cancer organizations online.

Breast cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can be exhausting. Consider offering to clean your friend’s house, buy groceries, pick up her children from school or care for her pets. Help her shop for a wig or mastectomy bra. Go with her to chemotherapy treatments and bring popsicles to help prevent painful mouth sores. Make a meal for her family if she’s too tired to cook — something soothing but not too fatty or spicy.

Most important, be there to listen when your friend needs to talk. Resist the temptation to ask lots of questions or say, “Here’s what I would do…” Let her cry when she needs to, and support her decisions about treatment. Finally, find opportunities to laugh; a little humor is always appreciated.


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