Sunset Hair Is The Latest Hair Trend And It’s Absolutely Beautiful

First of all I have to say that it’s kind of hard to keep up with all the latest ‘hair trends’ isn’t it? I have 4 kids, I’m lucky if I remember to schedule my hair appointment every 7 weeks to get my roots done, so I can guarantee you that unless the latest hair trend is ‘woman who has that ‘unwashed hair’ look with 2 inch roots’, I’m probably not going to be ‘on trend’, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate those that are daring enough to do something different.

Lately we’ve seen the ‘pumpkin spice’ hair trend, which I loved, and the ‘glitter roots’ hair trend, which you couldn’t pay me enough money to try, but it seems the latest trend is the ‘sunset hair’ trend, where people are colouring their hair to match the colours of a sunset. The results, which are really quite dramatic, are also quite beautiful, if you’re adventurous enough to give it a try. People have been dyeing their hair the colour of the sunset and posting the pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #Sunsethair.

Look at this beautiful hair from insta user lysseon



Or this gorgeous head of hair from hair_princess_steph



Or this stormy looking sunset hair posted by inesputrie



Sunset hair isn’t just for girls either, boys are rocking the ‘do as shown by tinakaminoff



Imagine having hair that looked like a tropical sunset, like this picture posted by hairbymisskellyo



It doesn’t have to be drastic either, it can be subtle like this posted by nthdegreehair



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