Sunday Savers – Save the Lunchtime Struggle

Sunday Savers – Save the Lunchtime Struggle

This is a long post. And if your kid is as picky an eater as mine is, you’ll want me to get straight to it. So commence I shall, without further quips, stories, sarcastic one-liners or anything like I usually do. A drumroll, please.

The Top 10 ways to pack a healthy lunch for your kid…God speed, fellow lunch ladies and gents. Your fight is a good one.

1. Count 1-2-3

Healthy lunches are as easy as one, two, three, as long as you include three food groups. This ensures balanced and complex nutrition for growing bodies. Assemble the perfect sandwich—whole grain bread for carbs, lean turkey for protein, and cheese or filler vegetables like cucumber slices, lettuce or thinly sliced carrots.

2. Color Their World

When it comes to an enticing colorwheel, brown is boring and white is less than wonderful. For a rainbow of nutrition, try colored rollups rather than bread, or make a fun pasta salad with tri-color rotini and different veggies (think cherry tomatoes, chunks of asparagus, diced carrots).

3. Take Shape

Hearts, stars, animals—cookie cutters can be for more than cookies. Turn so-so sandwiches into exiting shapes. Also perfect for tiny fingers that might have trouble navigating a full-sized slice. Lunch Punch (seen above) makes cute sandwich stamps.

4. Make Food Fun

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