This Woman Just Met The Baby She Saved When She Shielded A Pregnant Woman During The Las Vegas Shooting


This past year in October, people were just having a good time at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas. One of those concertgoers was Sue Ann Cornwell. Her, along with over 800 other people had their lives changed in a split second when a shooter opened fire into the crowd.

Fifty-eight people lost their lives, 800 more people were injured. All this included men, women, women who were pregnant, and children. It was a tragedy that changed the course of the lives of those involved forever. And it also showed us all the helpers that we say we need to look for when something like this happens.

I can’t even bring myself to imagine what that scene would have been like. Chaos and unimaginable fear would have been rushing through all those people. Trying to figure out what the best move is while not really having any time to even process what is happening. Just the hysteria of people legitimately fearing for their lives is unreal. And that’s the exact scene that these people had to go through.

One of the brave helpers in the crowd that day was 52-year-old festival-goer, Sue Ann Cornwell. She was a stranger to Miriam Lujan, who was also in the crowd during the gunfire. She was also seven months pregnant.

During the active shooting, Sue Ann Cornwell shielded the pregnant Miriam Lujan with her own body to help keep her, and her baby, safe.

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