Study Proves What Moms Already Know – Moms with Kids Who Go to Bed Earlier Have Better Mental Health

Bed times are one of those topics I usually like to steer clear from, because to me I think it’s very much a personal decision what time a parent chooses to put their child to bed.

I think I’ve usually followed the norm with my kids, putting them to bed at what I feel is a reasonable time for when they have to be up for school, athough I do remember my daughter’s 1st grade teacher suggesting we put our kids to bed at 6:30 so they’re well rested and I almost choked.

There’s early and then there’s really, really early.

A new study that has confirmed what every mother in the world already knows, which is kids that go to bed earlier have moms who are mentally healthier.

Seriously, like we didn’t already know that!

kids early bedtimes are better for mom
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What time does your child go to bed?

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