Strawberry Lipo ~ Can You Really Laser Away Your Waistline?

The Buzzer Went Off

Credit: Ani Nonsurgical

Ten minutes later when the buzzer went off, Ani moved the belt a few inches down toward my hips and we repeated the process. So little was actually happening to my body — as far as I could tell or feel.

Next step: cardiovascular exercise. Unlike CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat shrinking procedure that is permanent, Strawberry Laser Lipo requires you to pitch in and contribute to your own weight loss success. Ani, will not see you if you do not promise to exercise and eat right because she says it is a waste of money and time. You won’t flush the toxins or the fat cells out. Ani explained the “Strawberry” Food and Diet Advice guide that I was told I should follow in order to maintain the results of the procedure. Tips included: eat grilled fish or meat. Add plenty of veggies and fruits (but no bananas) to your diet. And avoid alcohol, cake, potato chips, take-away foods — Follow a sensible, healthy diet and cut out bad carbs.

In order to help me flush out the toxins right then and there and get some exercise Ani took me to this machine, I stepped onto the platform of the cardio machine and Ani set it to run for 10 minutes and to get ready to shake.

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