Strawberry Lipo ~ Can You Really Laser Away Your Waistline?

Felt At Ease

Credit: Ani Nonsurgical

I am not overweight. I work out often and eat really well. But I also gave birth to two children within 13 months.  I just never bounced back like I thought I would.  As it turns out, I learned that Strawberry Laser Lipo is often used as a way of kickstarting a fitness regiment.

I met Ani at her office and immediately felt at ease, thanks to her calming demeanor and thorough knowledge about the procedure. She explained what would happen over the source of the next half hour and, before I knew it, she was wrapping a measuring tape around four parts of my midsection: right below my bust, my waistline, directly below my waistline, and just above my hips. She showed me the massive black belt that she explained would be fastened around the upper part of my body for 10 minutes, and then moved down a notch to target the lower half of my midsection.

Photo source: Ani nonsurgical

I lied down on the reclining chair — sandals off, but all of my clothes still on, with my tank top tucked into my bra — and followed Ani’s directions: bend your legs, lift up your body, relax and let me do the rest of the work. She fitted the belt comfortable belt around the upper part of my torso and it fit snug, but not tight. The row of red lasers, which touch your skin, were about as warm as a very comfortable and soothing bath. She placed two cluster probes on the lymph nodes located on either side of my pelvis, stayed with me for a few minutes, and then left me alone for a few more. I was 100% relaxed. There was absolutely no pain and the laser remained warm, but not hot.

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