Strawberry Lipo ~ Can You Really Laser Away Your Waistline?

Credit: The Dr’s

I’m skeptical of any treatment that promises it will deliver results in minutes — despite knowing darn well that’s exactly what a laser, Botox, or fillers can do for your face. So, when I heard about Strawberry Laser Liposuction, a non-invasive, painless, and speedy treatment that doctor’s claim can shrink fat cells in minutes (on your lunch break, no less) I rolled my eyes. Sure. I’ll try it —

I quickly searched to see who locally in Los Angeles has the service and went undercover to check it out and called Ani Kasparian of Ani non-surgical skin center. Ani has been interested in the skincare industry since the age of 18. Searching for the best combination of quality ingredients for her skin care products has been her life’s passion and commitment. Ani is a licensed paramedical esthetician and myotonologsit. Her specialty is in live cell therapy and anti-wrinkle research. In 1992 Ani founded Sohani International Inc. which carries her exclusive line of skin care products.

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