Stranger Saves A Mom With Twins From Getting Kicked Off A Flight

Here’s what happened

Stranger danger: it’s something we always tell our children to be wary of, right? Never talk to a stranger. Never allow a stranger to lead you into a different direction or worse, lure you into unknown territory. And definitely, never ever put your trust in one, too.

But as we know, not everything in life comes up smelling like roses and not every stranger out there will put you or your children in danger. There are people out there that truly look out for one another. Just ask MacKenzie Murphy, a passenger on a Delta flight who witnessed something truly marvelous between two mothers and their babies.

During her flight, Mackenzie overheard a flight attendant telling one woman that she and her baby twins wouldn’t be allowed to travel. I mean, what is a single mom with two kids supposed to do? Just leave one baby at the gate and fly with just the other one? Of course not. Unfortunately, the airline wasn’t making things any easier on her. Luckily, one stranger stepped in to help this mom out and of course, save the day. Here’s what happened.

This stranger helped save a mom from getting kicked off a flight!

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