This ‘Mating Agency’ For Wealthy Singles Turns Parenting Into A Transaction

Members Pay Top Dollar to Find a Match to Have a Baby With

Dating is not easy, and many people turn to friends, family, and even matchmakers to help them find a partner. Apps and websites like Tinder and Match are incredibly popular nowadays, even if their success rate is hit-or-miss. Most people use dating apps and sites to find just that, dates. Maybe they’re hoping it’ll turn into something more! But if you’ve ever used them, you know that you have to weed through A LOT of fish in the sea to find one who’s ready to bite.

And the thing is, even if your goal is to get married and have kids, saying that right off the bat is more likely to scare potential paramours away than anything else. But one agency puts that front and center. The Stork doesn’t help you find a date for your holiday party. They help you find a father for your children.

The Stork isn’t really a dating agency. It’s a “mating agency”. Wealthy members spend quite a bit of money to be matched with a potential partner for procreation. The people who sign up for this service aren’t looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, necessarily. They’re looking for someone with whom to have a baby.

It’s a matchmaker for potential parents…

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