Stop Vacation Weight Gain!

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Stop Vacation Weight Gain!

By Mikki Kalish for Completely You

Dieting is hard enough to do at home. But when you’re on vacation, it can be darn near impossible. You want to relax, have fun, eat that slice of nine-layer chocolate fudge cake (or maybe two) when you feel like it … who wants to bother with food restrictions?! After all, you’re on vacation!

The truth is, it’s depressing to come home with the unwanted souvenir of extra pounds. The good news: With a little pre-vacation planning, you can have your cake (just not the whole one) and eat it too. Here’s how to enjoy your next trip without gaining weight — and maybe even return a few pounds lighter.

Pack a plan of action.

Think about what you need to do to avoid gaining weight on vacation. If eating yogurt in the afternoon, for example, helps you from overeating at dinner at home, call your hotel to see if they sell it at their snack bar, or if there’s a grocery store nearby. Scope out nearby restaurants to see which serve the most diet friendly meals (many post their menus online). You can even find out what’s served at eateries at theme parks, museums and other attractions. While you certainly can’t plan every meal — and probably wouldn’t want to — creating a plan of action will start you off with a positive “can do, can diet” attitude.

Keep food on you at all times.

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