Stop having babies please!

OMG! Why are these people obsessed with having children????  I know I will get a lot of backlash here, but come on!!! This is rediculous, as if our world wasn’t over populated enough, this family over populates it all on their own! I feel there is a serious problem with Michelle and Bob Duggar that needs to be addressed. I feel they are all about getting attention and now getting paid by soliciting their own litter of children.  As a mom myself, how can you possibly meet the needs emotionally of these children?  There is NO WAY to do that. Any WHY? If they wanted to do good for the world, there are so many children in need of good homes already born. Why not adopt?  Now, her health, it seems her body is wearing down due to the last baby born at just 25 weeks!  Stop already!!!! This is not what nature intended dummies!  Same goes for having sextuplets and such…….not normal, not healthy!

I am also sick of the media making this such a glamorized story. This why more then ever we are seeing crazy stories like “Octomom” the media has glamorized these large bread families for years with people donating items from diapers to food to nurseries to homes!!! STOP IT, it only encourages them!

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