Incest Suspect Kills Daughter And Their Infant Son In Murder-Suicide

Accused of Impregnating his 20-Year-Old Biological Daughter

My goodness, this case is horrific from start to the tragic end. Steven Pladl of Richmond, Virginia killed his biological daughter, their infant son, and the young woman’s adoptive father, before taking his own life. The case first gained in attention in February, when 45-year-old Pladl was arrested and charged with incest and adultery. Authorities say he and 20-year-old Katie Pladl had an intimate relationship that resulted in the birth of a baby boy. Steven Pladl was Katie’s biological father; he placed his daughter up for adoption as an infant. When Katie turned 18 in 2016, she set out to find her birth parents. Katie reunited with Pladl and her biological mother, who had gone on to marry and have two more daughters together after they placed Katie up for adoption.

Katie moved in with Pladl, her biological mother, and their two daughters. Pladl and his wife legally separated in November 2016, and divorced last summer. The ex-wife learned of the incestuous relationship when she read a journal entry in Katie’s diary in which Katie discussed being pregnant with her father’s baby. She notified authorities, and Pladl and Katie were arrested in January and charged with incest and adultery. Just months later, the case took a very tragic turn, with the murder-suicide that claimed the lives of Katie, her adoptive father, and her infant son.

Steven Pladl was out on bond and ordered to stay away from Katie…

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