Staying and Looking Healthy

Regardless of where you live, big city or rural community, or your occupation, CEO or housewife and mother, a positive self image, is essential to attaining personal happiness.

Throughout my career as a fashion and fitness model, I have met women from all walks of life and although their age, appearance and financial stature may have varied, there was always at least one common denominator. It is a pretty safe bet that if you talk to a woman about her appearance, she will tell you something about her body that she wished that she could change. When you stop to think about it, it is no wonder why!

Set your own standards by evaluating what is important to you. I wholeheartedly support and encourage women who strive to reach their full potential, but I urge them NOT to lose sight of who they really are along the way. Instead of struggling to be someone else’s idea of perfection, focus on your individual talents and strengths, working on improving those areas you would like to and can change.

You may have your mother’s thighs and your father’s nose, you may not be 5’10”, reed thin, or born with perfect hair and skin. Still, in no way should that translate to you seeing yourself as anything less than beautiful. It may sound cliché, but beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, and before others will begin to see you as beautiful, you must see yourself that way.

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Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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