Study Says Even Stay-At-Home Dads Do Less Childcare Than Working Moms

I love my husband with all of my heart but I would be completely lying to you if I told you that we do the same kind of work around our house. Now, that’s not to say that he does more work and I do less (or vice versa), it’s just that we both of certain strengths and weaknesses that allow us to do certain tasks better. For instance, he’s a pro at taking care of our lawn and all the maintenance around our house. I on the other hand organize all of our family’s trips and vacations and of course, get sh*t done when it comes to signing school field trip papers, reading logs and memos. It’s part our rhythm and as they say, if it’s not broke, why bother fixing it, right?

I’m the strict disciplinarian while he’s the one the kids go to whenever they want to wiggle their way out of chores. And when it comes to our morning and night routines, there’s a better chance that I’ll be supervising our kids to make sure everything gets done. And apparently, there’s a reason for that. There’s a new report that says dads are less than likely to act like the Chief Operating Officers of their households for one very interesting reason…

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Here’s why moms do more for childcare than dads…

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