Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

By Rachel Naud

Spring clean your make up bag. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home! Warmer weather means it’s also time to do a thorough cleanout of your makeup bag, too.

Why go through your makeup? First of all, it’s a healthy habit: Exposure to air, moisture and the bacteria on your fingers can turn your cosmetics into causes of breakouts, irritation and even pinkeye. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to toss out-of-date colors and swap them for this season’s hottest shades.

We asked Las Vegas-based makeup artist Jonathan Seti, whose clients include President Barack Obama, Rihanna and Sofia Vergara, for tips on when to replace your makeup — and what to replace it with.

Lipstick and Gloss

  • Toss it: Between three and six months
  • Why: Lipstick should go on smooth and creamy. If it seems dry or starts to shrink in the tube, these are all tell-tale signs to toss it. “Lipstick has a sharpness to its shape,” says Seti. “When it becomes smooth and rounded, it’s generally a sign that the oils in the makeup are breaking down.” Lip gloss that’s sticky, cloudy or lighter-looking can be a sign that bacteria are starting to collect.
  • What’s in: For a spring-ready pucker, hydrating glosses come in an array of fun shades for the season, including pinks, reds and nudes.
  • What’s out: Although Seti says no shade is completely off-limits, you may want to swap last winter’s dark, bold colors for brighter, lighter spring- and summer-ready hues.



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