Spring Break Fun on a Budget!

Ok, so maybe you won’t be zip lining through the mountain tops of  Costa Rica or snorkeling in Hawaii  this spring break but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast or create cool memories.  Here are a few of our favorite inexpensive ways to have fun that the whole family can enjoy.

1.     Play ‘tourist’ in your town. We often take for granted the tourist type attractions in our own communities, growing up in NJ I still remember when a teacher asked our high school class how many of us had ever visited the Empire State Building or walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, both popular tourist ‘to-do’s’ when visiting NY, only 25 minutes away.  Shockingly, and only a few of us raised our hands.  Living so close and seeing these landmarks everyday we often forget to actually explore them.  This spring break, pretend your family are tourists in your hometown. Visit the closest landmarks, zoos, etc… you never know what you might discover! Buy postcards and photograph the trip as if you were someplace new.

2.     Go Camping…. indoors, set up sleeping bags and make tents with sheets in the living room,  roast marsh mellows on the stove for smores.  Turn off the lights and tell stories around the fireplace, use flashlights.

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