Spray On Nail Polish Is A Thing Now And It’s Pretty Amazing

Last week, Nails Inc announced a new product that might completely change your manicure game – spray on nail polish! Nails Inc. Paint Can nail polish is a nail polish that you literally spray on to your nails, like you would use a can of spray paint.


It initially launched in the UK and has since sold out, and won’t be launched in the US until March 2016. Basically, apply a base coat to your nails (being careful to avoid the cuticle), let it dry, then spray on nail polish. After a few minutes you apply a top coat and once dry you wash your hands to get rid of the excess spray that’s on your hands. You can see step by step pictures over at Allure of how to use the polish here.



Sure it seems like this could be a bit messy, but I actually love this idea! I never do my own nails because it’s always such a mess when I do -as soon as I have to use my left hand to paint my right hand it’s game over! I’d rather spend the money to get my nails painted every few weeks than attempt them on my own, but this seems like something I could do!

Right now the spray on nail polish only comes in two colours, a hot pink and a metallic silver, but Nails Inc says they’re working on more colours.




What do you think Hot Moms? Would you give spray on nail polish a try?


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