Sounds Like Angelina Jolie Made This Year’s Father’s Day the Worst One Ever for Brad Pitt

For many fathers all over the country, Sunday, June 18 was a very special day for them. There’s a good chance that they woke up in the morning just to get showered with gifts, cuddles and homemade breakfast. Then they either went for brunch at their favorite restaurants, pubs or cafes or simply enjoyed a quiet day at home with their kids. Others went to baseball games and sporting events and some probably enjoyed some quality time with the family at an amusement park, museum or maybe even a guided hike. After all, Father’s Day only comes once a year and that’s why so many moms, partners and their kids do what they can to make the day special.

But for Brad Pitt, that wasn’t the case at all…

Brad Pitt
Credit: Shutterstock/Feature Flash Photography

Did Brad Pitt just have the worst Father’s Day ever?

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