Sons Of Working Moms Grow Up To Do Twice As Much Housework

Super moms.

    Being a working mom is challenging, but it has its rewards. A new study shows that sons of working moms do twice as much housework as sons of stay at home moms. As the mother of a son, this is good news. The study, published in Work, Employment and Society was released in April. After surveying over 100,00 men and women in 29 countries, the findings show sons of working moms are more likely to care for their families as well.

    There is certainly a stigma surrounding working mothers, so news like this is surely reassuring. Statistics like this give validation to the fact that in today’s world, working moms are necessary. And as the number of working moms increases, studies like this will hopefully continue to show positive upticks.

    “There’s a lot of talk about why women work”

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