Someone Made High Heels for Babies so They Can ‘Make Their First Fashion Statement’

I know how fun it is to be able to shop for your little baby, and pick out those adorable little baby outfits that look so darn cute on them. I loved buying adorable little dresses with matching cardigans for my daughter when she was just a little baby and I was still able to dress her in whatever I liked. I typically left her bare foot when she got dressed up, or I had those cute little leather slippers I would put on her feet because socks always fell off.

For you parents who love to dress your little one up in adorable little outfits but always felt that you were missing that perfect accessory, you can all relax now, because baby high heels are here, whether you wanted them or not!

high heels for babies
Credit: Instagram / @peeweepumps

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