‘Expert’ Is Pushing for Baby Formula to Be Available by ‘Prescription Only’

Bad for Baby’s Health?

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So in other words, this guy is saying that formula is just as awful as cigarettes. And here’s the most ironic part: Erik Assadourian has no children. He’s never fed a baby in his life. Yet, he believes that if women all do their part in breastfeeding their children, there’s no need for formula. This is the part where I go hashtag, facepalm.

And you shouldn’t be surprised that he’s gotten plenty of criticism for his online community, too. A lot of people have commented with, “Formula was created because there was a need and desire for a breastmilk substitute that could safely feed newborns. Prior to its commercialization, throughout human history, babies were fed with all manner of substitutes – from wet nursing to grains and paps to unpasteurized, raw animal milks. Many of our grandparents were fed on a combination of caro syrup and powdered milk,.

Another says, “I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day. What planet is this man on? Being a bloke, he’s obviously never had to deal with breastfeeding and how difficult and painful it is for many women. Some women can’t breastfeed no matter how hard they try.”

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