Solange Knowles

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

Solange Knowles may be young, but she’s already come into her own. This singer/ songwriter/ producer/actress hit the charts with her song “Feelin’ You” in 2002 and has been a co-writer on several songs for sister, Beyonce’s group Destiny’s Child. She’s also appeared in Bring it On: All or Nothin’ and Johnson Family Vacation. Her accomplishments don’t stop there. After noticing her son, Julez’s, love for hip/hop music, she developed a hip/hop rhythm toy line for preschoolers. We had the great fortune of speaking with Solange who talked to us about her son, Julez, her career, and how she handled being a wife, mom, and divorcee by the time she was 21.


Tell me about growing up in your house. What are some of the traditions you are sharing with Julez?
Growing up in my house was always an adventure. My mother wasn’t a traditional soccer mom. She owned a successful hair salon and managed to run it, pick up and drop off three children – all at different schools – and still help with homework. I believe that us watching her juggle all of these things has instilled a great work ethic in me and my sisters. I try to do the same thing with Julez.

You’re a songwriter, a business woman, actress, producer, and single mother, what do you do to balance your day and keep your sanity?

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