Sofia Vergara Proves Age Is Nothing But a Number After Posing Nude at 45!

There’s just something about Sofia Vergara that makes everyone love her so damn much, right? I mean, it’s not enough that she’s ridiculously gorgeous and what many would call a natural beauty, but she’s also funny, smart and very self-aware. Plus, she’s also married to one of the hottest men in Hollywood, actor Joe Manganiello (hello, mama!). In other words, she’s the kind of gal that you would love to have tag along during one of your Mom’s Nights Outs with your best friends.

And not only is Sofia a television goddess, but she’s also proving that age is nothing but a number by posing completely NUDE on the cover of a magazine. I mean, is there anything that this woman can’t do?!?

Credit: Getty Images

We’ve never seen Sofia like this before!

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