Sodastream Give The Gift They Will Love!

When I was a kid I remember hearing my mom talk about my grandfather and his seltzer truck.  He had a company called BONNIE ( that is my mom’s name) he used to drive to a house and deliver  dozens of clunky, cumbersome, heavy seltzer bottles all with her stamp on them.

The best part was that you left him your unused bottles and they were recycled/used again. The bad news is today there is no efficient way to get seltzer into your own home.

So while we love the memory of what Grandpa Archie did, our only option is to bring seltzer into our home and having lots of  bottles to figure out where to recycle. I just don’t have the time for this.

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source: sodastream

Here are 6 Reasons Why I Love Sodastream!

1.We do not drink anything but water in our house so my kids get a new way shizzle their meals




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3. Easy on the environment – LOVE that we don’t have plastic bottles everywhere.


4. Taste – It tastes BETTER than store bought regular soda without all the nasty additives


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5. Convenience – No easier way to make soda than in your own home!


6. Affordable – Yes.  To BUY the product it’s not cheap.  It’s an investment.  Think about the ‘big picture’.  You will SAVE money by buying the SodaStream & the sodas.

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