Parents Are Upset That This Elementary School Hosted A Science Night Just For Boys


Excuse me while I check my calendar, but isn’t this 2015?

Apparently, a public elementary school in my home state of Florida (it’s ALWAYS Florida, isn’t it?) decided it would be a good idea to host a STEM night for boys. Because all of the school’s girls are too busy knitting sweaters in Home Ec class, right? WRONG!

But to be fair, it was a Mommy and Son STEM night, which was supposed to give moms and their sons and opportunity to bond with each other during a fun-filled night of science experiments. And while I would definitely go to an event like this myself, many critics are upset that their daughters are being left out.

In fact, parents are now even protesting the event, saying that it’s both wrong and totally sexist to think that girls don’t want to be involved in a night full of lab experiments. There’s even a petition, which has 673 signatures, that was started by Helena Zubkow, a web developer at Audubon Park Elementary School (it’s also being noted that Zubkow doesn’t have any children herself).

“Women in STEM fields are still outnumbered like crazy,” Zubkow told MTV News. “In my C++ programming class in college, I sat down on the first day and I was the only girl in the class. The guy next to me looked over and he said, ‘Oh sorry, this is the C++ room.”

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