Snooki’s Gives Us a Glimpse of Life With Her Newest ‘Sidekick’

Lorenzo and Giovanna

Snooki showing Lorenzo and Giovanna her stretch marks
Credit: Instagram/ @snooki

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is the proud mom of two adorable kids, Lorenzo age four and Giovanna age two, with husband of three years, Jionni LaValle. These two keep her on her toes and are always super inquisitive about everything in life, the most recent being Snooki’s stretch marks.

Redbook Magazine recently reported how the kids approached their mom, curious about the “stripes” she had on her belly. Snooki, always very open, shared the whole thing on Instagram.

“This morning my kids asked why I have lines on my stomach. I had to explain to them that it’s my tiger stripes I gained when I became their mommy. They thought it was so cool and can’t believe how they fit in my belly.”

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Allison Cooper

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