Sneaky Lunch Box Make-Over

By: Missy Chase Lapine

sandwichesSneaky Lunch Box Make-Over.  As the author of The Sneaky Chef books, work and home time is all about cooking healthy meals for children, and yet preparing the lunch box is one of the most challenging things I do daily.  We have all enjoyed the summer vacation, but as the next school year approaches, I’m armed and ready with simple and creative strategies to make sure my kids have their favorite foods invisibly fortified with my signature sneaky purees and other super food ingredients.

Below are two Quick Fixes for lunch box favorites: tuna fish sandwiches and thermos macaroni and cheese:

Any or all of the ingredients listed below hide beautifully in a 6-ounce can of chunk light* or chunk white tuna, packed in water and drained. As with all Sneaky Chef recipes, you can gradually increase the amount of the nutritious sneaky ingredient over time. You can also combine any or all of the following Quick Fixes.

* Canned skinless and boneless sardines in water:

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