Snapchat ’snaps’ have 9 Lives

Snapchat ’snaps’ have 9 Lives
By Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch-makers of Net Nanny

Snapchat, the mobile app that lets you send disappearing text messages, is getting bigger and bigger. More than 350 million messages are sent each day. (WSJ)

Many teens have embraced the app as their sole method of sending texts. It’s easy to use and very popular. Unfortunately, the concept of the “disappearing text” has made some feel overly confident and even fearless, in some cases, when sharing inappropriate pictures with friends.

Photo Source Flickr
Photo Source Flickr


Second, researchers at Decipher Forensics have verified (HNGN) that after a ‘snap’ self-destructs, and with the appropriate skills, you can search the device to find the image or video, along with the Snapchat contact list, in a specific folder on the phone or tablet.

In both cases, nothing that was automatically deleted was really removed permanently. Pictures, text, and video are stored on the phone or tablet hard drive and may be retrieved when you connect the device to a computer.

Today’s mobile app users are quick to post without regard for consequence. Parents need to be aware of this fact. Apps and social networks may keep a history that can last for years to come.

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