Smart Cuff Jewelry Keeps You Safe!

Smart Cuff  Jewelry Keeps You Safe!

Well it was bound to happen… Wearable technology to help you stay safe!  Fashionable gadgets that will sound the alarm if you find yourself in trouble… The technology  is hidden underneath your cuff bracelet.  It is a computer chip that can be activated by a simple touch and send an alert to family or friends.  You press your Cuff and an alert goes out to the people you designate as your first responders in the  app, and they get your location in case of emergency.


1. It can notify you during meals or at meetings when you put your phone in your purse or in a bag by a subtle buzz.

2. Activity Tracking:  Tells you if you have met your daily activity goals.

3. It will alert your family or loved ones if you are in need of help.

4. Fits easily in jewelry.

 You can see the video below or go here to find out more



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