Mom Issues Devastating Warning After Losing Her Baby To “Slapped Cheek Syndrome”

You won’t believe this story!

    Slapped cheek syndrome is not something that you hear of everyday. After all, it’s usually self-treatable virus that goes away on its own. But for Gemma Carlile of Newcastle, England, she learned the hard way of just how deadly slapped cheek syndrome can be.

    Many pregnant women will tell you that they do everything in their power to stay as healthy as possible during their pregnancy. But some things you just can’t avoid, no matter how hard you try to stay indoors and in your own personal bubble. The world is full of diseases, viruses and illness and as much as we try and avoid them at all costs, the inevitable happens.

    Gemma Carlile was 16 weeks and five days pregnant when doctors told her she had contracted the slapped cheek syndrome from the daycare she worked in.

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