9 Skills Your Child Should Master Before They Start Kindergarten

7. Wash Their Hands

child in kitchen
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Washing hands actually starts earlier than you think. You can start teaching this one as early as around 12 months by holding your child up and letting them rub their hands together under running water, but you will probably need to give little mini-lessons on all the different steps of how to do it properly up until at least age 5. Before Kindergarten though, it should already be well established in their routine.

8. Prep Their Own Food

child in kitchen
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Now, I’m not saying that children should learn how to prepare three-course meals, but there are certain things they should be able to do on their own by now. It can be as simply as peeling a banana, peel a clementine that has been started for them, de-stem grapes, open a package such as a string cheese that has been partially opened for them, use a spreader to put soft spreads onto crackers, toast, or sandwiches.

9. Pouring Milk on Their Own

child pouring milk
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By now, most 5-year-olds should also begin demonstrating independence. They will want to do just about everything on his own and will begin to questions others (including you, mama). Regardless of whether or not it will spill, let them pour their own milk, pick out his own clothes or go on a play date without mom. By now they should have enough skills to independence safely.

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