9 Skills Your Child Should Master Before They Start Kindergarten

4. Follow a Sleep Routine

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When your child is a toddler, you can start teaching them to follow a consistent bedtime routine. It’s all about bathing, brushing, books, and bed. Follow the routine as consistently as possible each night of the week. Once your kids are around 6 or 7 years old, they can follow their own routine and put themselves to bed (hopefully).

5. Tie Their Own Shoes

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This is a skill that most pre-school teachers try to teach their students before graduation day. Try using a jump rope to teach your kid how to tie shoelaces. And perhaps when they’re older and more adept, they can have fun learning to tie useful knots and more efficient and stronger knots for shoes, like the Reef Knot or super-fast Ian Knot.

6. Communicate

kids talking
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In other words, talk, talk and talk. Giving ample opportunities to play with other children helps develop this life skill. A 5-year-old usually speaks her native language fluently, using pronouns, verb tenses and plurals. Talking with your child, storytelling, singing together and playing language games help develop language skills.

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