Skid School

It’s snowing, the ground is a sheet of ice and I’m behind the wheel. I slam on the brakes. My car begins sliding, sliding. I pass a man dressed like a pylon who smiles and waves as I glide by.

I try to wake up from this surreal dream but can’t. This is real life, and the pylon man I’m sliding by is Ian Law, owner and head instructor of the ILR Winter Driving School.

Rewind seven years. It’s snowing, I’m in my car, with a four-way stop ahead. I slam on my brakes and my car skates through the stop sign.

I signal frantically to the car coming at me, but to no avail. Our cars make a loud crunching sound on impact. I’m fine. So is the other guy. My car isn’t.

Today, I’m a carpooling mom with kids to protect. I need to learn how to control my car in all conditions. So I took some me time to drive northeast to the snowbound town of Minden to learn how to drive on ice.

The course begins at 10 a.m. at the community centre, in a makeshift classroom with eight other students. I’m surprised there’s not another mom in sight.

Ian kicks the day off by going over the basics: correct seating position, no cellphones, be proactive in all driving conditions. With someone else, this information could be incredibly dry. However, Law’s passion for safe driving and storytelling makes him an engaging and informed teacher.

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