Skeletons In The Closet

Once upon a time, I was a woman with all of my skeletons tucked neatly away in the back of the closet. Not anymore. Now, my skeletons hang front and center on the fireplace mantel for all the world to see. Thanks to my three year old daughter, Ashli, every day looks like Halloween at our house.

You see, my golden-haired little angel has a love affair with all things spooky: Aliens and vampires, goblins and ghouls, monsters of every description. I may be utterly horrified, but nothing is too scary for Ashli.

And then there’s Jack. Jack started out as a very realistic looking skeleton wind chime that I purchased for (actual!) Halloween. When I threw him in my shopping cart that October afternoon, I envisioned wooden bones clacking in the breeze on an autumn night on my porch. I did not, I repeat, DID NOT, imagine that skeleton becoming my daughter’s constant creepy companion. But (sigh), he did.

Ashli and Jack are inseparable. Naptime, snack time, playtime, bath time . . . it’s Ashli and Jack, Jack and Ashli. In the morning, Ashli and Jack snuggle up in a chair together and watch cartoons. At bedtime, Ashli lovingly tucks Jack into his bed – an oversize shoebox, complete with a blanket and a miniature pillow – and kisses him goodnight. And, according to Ashli, the two of them are getting married someday.

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